The story of ByJcob: Proud design and craft traditions since 1947

Continuing the traditions

Jochem Wijnbergen is a third generation furniture maker. The furniture craftsmanship was started by grandfather Jakobus Wijnbergen in 1947. This love for furniture design remained in the family and was picked up by Jochem. He turned his eye to fine furniture to study at the School for Wood and Furniture Maker in 1993.

Pursuit of passion in Asia

After finishing his study Industrial Management in 2003 Jochem headed for Asia to pursue his passion. For several years he worked as a Product Engineer and R&D Manager at different furniture companies. In those years he was in control of the department of Product Engineering, Quality Assurance and Quality Control. But Jochem wanted to continue with his passion for furniture design.

More than good craftsmanship

In 2016 Jochem started his own furniture company in China calling it ByJcob to honor his grandfather Jakobus. Besides creating stunning furniture with unique materials ByJcob is a consulting firm for the furniture industry. Advising manufacturers and wholesalers on furniture design, product development and doing quality control on-site.